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It seemed like too much work to go get the money and the chips to gamble. As dusk sets in, walk your paper cups to Moore Park a. The best thrown-together after-work midtown birthday party you could have is at Wakamba Lounge Eighth Ave. Just get a group and order margaritas at the bar. White-tablecloth Korean restaurant Gaonnuri offers 39th-floor penthouse views from its stark private dining rooms. Choose between steak and bibimbap or a preset tasting menu.

Aaron Carter Celebrates His 30th Birthday With New Music

Smith, who decorated the Obama White House. With the Jump Start package, the birthday person jumps for free at the Fly High indoor trampoline park in Staten Island; the other ten jumpers are paying for one hour on the trampolines plus 40 minutes in a private room, where three pizzas, unlimited sodas, and cake you have to bring your own await post-bouncing.

The private dining-and-karaoke room in Kawi , the new Momofuku restaurant helmed by chef Eunjo Park, comes with an Alex Proba wall mural, a lazy Susan in the wall that connects to the main bar, and a floor-to-ceiling infinity mirror with customizable colored lights 20 Hudson Yards, No. Zaida greets you at the door; Roberto DJs your requests and will even perform a Billy Joel song to get things going. Take over the wood-paneled back room in the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, which looks like a s Elks Lodge — not factoring in the downtown streetwear-clad somethings and their Obolon-fueled dance parties.

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He was right. Rent a van to shuttle friends the two hours to Lake Compounce , an amusement park in Bristol that first opened in and attracts shorter lines than Six Flags.

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  • Make sure to ride the wooden Boulder Dash roller coaster built into the side of a mountain. Within 45 minutes, they can get an unruly bunch of misfits fully choreographed. And they videotape the whole thing. After that, get lunch at Tamarind Tribeca 99 Hudson St. For my 40th birthday, I booked the whole place and had about 60 people there. I did it there because, well, the food is very good, and because I had the whole room, they let me bring my dog Harry with me.

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    But also: The building is a New York City landmark, from the 19th century, with magnificent woodwork that was brought from somewhere in Italy and fitted into the house. Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6; events fornino. Hop on a free bus from 42nd Street and head to SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater for a day of Korean body scrubs and volcanic-sand bathing before taking in the views from the outdoor hinoki bath.

    Send a saintly friend to put a name down on the sign-up sheet courts open at 8 a. The number 30 reduces to root number 3.

    The vibrational essence of 3 is all about creativity, self expression and completion. In the number 30 there is no other number competing with the 3 energy, which means that this creative energy comes through very clearly. Anyone who has ever knocked on a door knows how difficult it is to stop at knock number 2. In philosophy, for instance, Hegel showed how any two terms will automatically produce a third.

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    This is called the Hegelian Dialectic in which putting forth a thesis not only produces the antithesis, but also the synthesis as well. In Christianity we have the Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit , in Freudian psychology we have Ego, Id and Superego and in most systems of spirituality we view the total person as being made up of body, mind and spirit. In the Garden of Eden 1st there was Adam, 2nd there was Eve and from their union arose all of Humanity.

    In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 3rd card is the Empress which is the card of fertility, fecundity and creativity. She comes after The Magician, whose creativity is powerful but put into the service of the Ego, and the High Priestess whose creativity is secretive and introspective. The Empress completes the primordial triad of creativity in the form of open, free expression.

    20 Best Bible Verses for Birthdays

    In mathematics, especially geometry, the numbers 3 and 30 play important roles. Triangles have three sides and the special ratios inherent in triangles is what makes land surveying possible. Before anyone can come and build on land, surveyors come and measure the land through a system called triangulation, which is a system of laying imaginary right triangles over a plot of land and calculating according to their inherent rations, all of which are based on 3 and The number 3 is also vitally important in music and art.

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    Cardi B was swamped on Sunday, but got things done. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Cardi B celebrates her grandma's 80th birthday in Dominican Republic before playing music festival e-mail Comments 11 Share what you think.

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